Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission of the Office of Vocational Education Commission for Fiscal Year 2558.

Office of Vocational Education Commission Is a leader in management education. A driving force for economic and social empowerment.The competitiveness of the country and the region.
Provide and promote vocational and professional training. Taking into account the quality and professional excellence.
1. Create and promote vocational and professional training and development of high quality and standard.
2. To raise the quality and standards of professional manpower internationally.
3. Expand educational opportunities, vocational thoroughly continuity, equality and fairness.
4. a central theme in the vocational and technical training, vocational skills and technology of the country.
5. Create a network of cooperation to all sectors involved in management development courses. And professional training
6. Innovation Research Knowledge management for professional development. And quality of life
7. Promotion / Development Vocational teachers and staff to excellence and steady progress in the profession.
The authority of the Office of Vocational Education Commission.
1. Prepare proposals, policy development and standard of vocational courses at all levels.
2. Perform and coordinate with vocational and professional standards.
3. The rules and procedures for budgeting and resource support.
4. Development of Vocational teachers and staff.
5. To further promote coordinated management of public and private levels. As well as set the rules แs. Each form joint venture In collaboration with other government agencies and enterprises.
6. Monitoring and Management Reporting vocational education in both public and private.
7. organize, promote and coordinate information networks. And information and communication technology used in vocational education.และฝึกอบรมวิชาชีพ
8. action on the Secretary of the Board of Education and implemented by the Board of Education commissioned.
9. Perform other tasks as required by law to be the powers, duties and responsibilities of the Office of Vocational Education Commission or by the Minister or.The Cabinet assigned


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